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Built in Hobs

Elica introduces Built in Hobs with Multi Flame Control (MFC) Brass Burners. MFC hobs are efficient and specifically suitable for Indian Hi flame and Simmer cooking.

The Outer Brass Burner  Ring  can be controlled in simmer and Hi flame and no flame  position  while the inner brass burner remains on in all positions, this allows uniform heating from & makes  the hob versatile in its usage. MFC Hobs are available with beveled edge on back glass and are available 3, 4 & 5 burner option.
All Elica hobs are backed up with cutting edge technology and ensure highest safety standards.

Multi Flame Control Series
MFC 3B 70 MFC 3B 70 DX/75 DX MFC 4B 70 DX
MFC 4B 90 DX R