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Welcome to G-Enterprises

Company Profile

G-Enterprises is one of the market leaders of the home appliances brand in Kolhapur and we are putting all our efforts and hard work to become the first choice when it comes to being an integral part of your household. In every decision that we make, your convenience is on top priority. We want our innovations in technology to reflect in your innovation in cooking.

Since we have started, G-Enterprises has stood for efficiency, innovation and design. The quality of G-Enterprises kitchen range hoods are a breath of fresh air, rendering the brand and its creations truly unique in the market.

Throughout the years, G-Enterprises revolutionized both itself and the image traditionally associated with range hoods and transforming them into an identifying element of the kitchen thanks to the continuity of innovation and technology, to the constructive knowledge acquired over time and to a distinctive attention to design. G-Enterprises brings a breath of fresh air into the kitchen.

As you browse through our existing range of products, just imagine how they will look in your home. Imagine how effortless it is going to be when you invite guests for dinner. We have already imagined all of this, but have you?